Monday, November 05, 2012


It is Monday morning and it's one degree celsius and this coffee is cold. It has been cold for two hours. It's still good.

I'm making lists: a grocery list, a Christmas present list, a list of people I need to call or email, a list of good, catchy songs with violins and trumpets and cellos in them, and a list of all of the sweet, miscellaneous things I need to do today. All of my lists are very long and very good and contain things like, piano lessons at 3:45 and Starts With Them, Ends With Us, by Dan Mangan.

I've been needing to make lists and create some semblance of organization around here lately because on Saturday I realized that, all of a sudden, I have five jobs. Five. Like, real jobs that pay real money, as opposed to sweeping the kitchen or cleaning the toilet.

This is fantastic because only a few months ago, I was at a bachelorette party introducing myself to some girls I'd never met and when they asked what I did I had to tell them that I didn't have a job at the moment {piano lessons were done for the summer}. I made a stupid joke about being irresponsible and lazy and then the girl beside me was like, "Oh. I'm a neuroscientist." {Actually, I think she might have said "nurse". But still.}

Anyway. This is life at the moment. Lists and jobs and time-slot-shuffling. It's fantastically chaotic. But, somehow, not, also.

I'm happy when I'm busy.


  1. i love when it rains in the morning, and i love it too when i'm busy :)

    1. mm, rain. i'd love some rain right now.

  2. I love making lists. And they must be handwritten. Keeps me on track. So glad you're finding your footing. And enjoying the busyness (sp?). It's fun when things start to come together...

    1. handwritten lists are totally wayyyyy better than computer lists. absolutely.


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