Friday, November 30, 2012


Photobucket The alarm went off sometime before 6 AM. I pushed snooze, but got up anyway. I worked on some stuff and drank some coffee and then I checked the forecast and put on three sweaters and my parka and my pink mittens and my black boots {the ones with the buckles} and my yellow toque and my biggest, thickest black scarf. If there is one thing I have learned in my 25 years of living in Saskatchewan during winter, it is for pete's sake, bundle up. 

It was only a fifteen minute walk to Brad and Theresa's house, where I arrived with red cheeks and cold knees and spent the morning brain-deep in plans and laughs and the best mocha I've had in a long time. We wrote lists and made decisions and thought of good ideas and it was so fantastically productive. And then we just sat around by the fireplace and talked about life.

I was walking home later, all wrapped up again in my many knitted layers and listening to ruminative music in my earbuds, and I just couldn't stop smiling. Partially because I was thinking about a funny story, which you should absolutely remind me to tell you the next time I see you in person, and partially because life is just so straight up lovely sometimes.