Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{making friends online}

Photobucket A friend was telling me the other day about a commercial she remembers watching when she was younger, one of those safety/awareness/prevention kind of things. It began with a girl chatting online with a stranger, and ended with her dying.

Well, I met Jessie Thetford online, and she hasn't killed me yet. {Not one of my best segues, I know.} In fact, not only did Jessie end up not being a greasy 40-year-old serial killer, she ended up actually being the real-life friend of a friend of my sister-in-law's, which is pretty outlandish considering we live 2,310 km from each other {google-mapsed it}. I'd say, "It's a small world after all!" but that's not all that true. The world is huge, you guys.

She's an {exhaustingly talented} artist from New Mexico, and she has this cute little blog that I love and she recently opened an Etsy shop with some amazing prints in it. I have the little llama named Tangerine {which, as you can see, is hanging above my computer until I find the right frame for it}. Click the screen shot below to check it out, or visit her blog and tell her "hi". She's a nice and lovely person, and she'd like it.