Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{mashed music}

When I left high school, I was like, "YES! NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!" But then I realized that I'm still in high school. Only now it's called The Internet.

There are cliques and sports and music lovers and dramas and people falling in love and people falling out of love and gossip and socializing and a little learning and kids hanging out behind the dumpster, spreading rumours about the popular people. Eternal high school. Get Psyched.

But the cool part of high school--and the internet--is that sometimes you venture down a different hallway and you maybe peek into, like, the photo lab or the chem lab or someplace like that, and discover a little group of people doing their own thing. Like, last night Barclay and I discovered the part of the internet where people sit on Youtube and make mashups of songs already on Youtube. They're just sitting there in their nerdy little circle of friends being like, "I wonder what would happen if I put Van Halen with Abba?" And then they do it and it's sweet. There's nothing original about their creations, but it's kind of cool anyway. I appreciate it.

Some of our favourites: {If you know of any good ones, leave them in the comments for me to watch. I love mashups.}