Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{end on a good note}

Rumor has it the world is ending this week.
At least, I think it's this week. (The 21st, I'm pretty sure? I need to start writing stuff like this in my day planner. I'd hate to plan a dental appointment on the last day of the earth.) When I realized we were running out of days I did what seemed necessary: I kissed my husband and thanked him for being so nice to me, I painted a picture of a sunrise, and I made a playlist of songs to listen to as the world ends. I can't imagine anything worse than watching the world blow up in awkward silence. 

If you're unprepared for this event because you've been too busy saying your goodbyes or painting your own pictures, you can absolutely listen to my playlist. I haven't paid enough attention to know what time exactly the world will be ending, so you may want to do your own research and time it out. It'd be sad if you only got to hear the first couple of songs. 

Here's what I'm going to be listening to on my iPod as I watch the world end from my roof.
(Click any song to go to the playlist on Grooveshark)

1. A Comet Appears - The Shins
2. The End is Here...The End is Beautiful - Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
3. Help, I'm Alive - Metric
4. You'll Not Feel the Drowning - The Decemberists
5. Dead Hearts - Stars
6. We Dance to Yesterday - Hawksley Workman
7. The Sun Ain't Shining No More - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
8. Goodbye, Good Night - Jars of Clay
9. World Spins Madly On - The Weepies
10. Your Head is On Fire - Broken Bells


  1. I wish they included the time with these kinds of reports. It's so hard to plan a day when the world is going to end but you don't know exactly when. Terrible planning. Someone should be fired.

  2. Listening to your playlist now. Thanks for looking out! ;)

    1. no prob. anytime the world might be ending, i'll be there. :)

  3. this is an excellent end of the world playlist! i loves it! glad to still be here though. don't want to speak to soon but it looks like it'll be snowy with a 2% chance of zombie apocalypse tomorrow. because i feel like everyday must have at least a 2% chance for zombie apocalypse right?

  4. Yeah, I honestly feel I've had a really full life. Bring on the end. Bring on the beginning. I'm cool with whatever happens...

    1. haha, well, looks like the end is still on its way... :)

  5. i loved this post, and i listed to your playlist just before midnight when the world ended ;) i've never heard that decemberists song, it was so lovely! hope your holidays are especially bright and wonderful

    1. oh! that is my favourite decemberists song ever. however! that is just the instrumental version of it, the real song has the saddest, most wonderfully depressing words ever. you'd love it. try find it on youtube maybe?


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