Friday, December 14, 2012



The past couple weeks have been very quiet around this space. I have some good reasons and some lazy reasons and some tired reasons and some busy reasons. I don't think the world has suffered for it any, or even noticed at all, but I have noticed the absence of "blogging" in my mornings like I'd notice if my nose fell off my face.

That is to say, I've noticed.

Plus, whenever I don't blog for more than two days straight, my dad thinks I've died. Which is too bad for him, I guess. Mom will call me after a while and say, "Why aren't you blogging? Dad thinks you're dead," and I'll say, "Nope, I'm alive," and she'll say, "Oh, good."

{Hi, Dad. I'm not dead yet. Here's a wee picture of the frosty windowfeathers that showed up on the pane yesterday that I stared at for a solid ten minutes. Love you.}