Monday, January 07, 2013

{December of 2012}

Photobucket December of 2012 was like a velociraptor in a Santa Claus suit. I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, even. I just mean that it kind of snuck up on me and bit my head off.

There was some travelling, some visiting, multiple baby showers, a few Christmas parties. A friend got engaged, a friend died, a friend announced a pregnancy, a friend had a baby, a friend took me out for coffee. Frantic gift making and buying and wrapping. Family Christmases and sweet people I hadn't seen in far too long. So much laughing, so much plan-making, so much talking, so much crying, so little sleep.

And just like that, this chilly Monday morning came and brought with it the sweet relief of routine. The 5:30 am alarm clock ringing in my ears, three quarters to pay for parking downtown, grocery shopping and a doctor's appointment, my laptop and quiet music and a tiny beam of sunlight in my coffee.