Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{odds, and also: ends}

Photobucket It's currently colder in my city than on the North Pole. This gives me bragging rights, or maybe just frost bite, or something.

I'm hiding in my office/dining room/pantry/craft room/breakfast nook {our house has many multi-purpose rooms} writing and organizing and eating and working on some stuff {multi-tasking appears to be the sole perk of multi-purpose rooms}. I had some things of mine from around the internet to share, and will do so in short list form, as lists are all the rage these days. People like lists because they're easy to skim. People also like lists because our brains like things that make it easier to process information/input, since there's a lot (arguably to ∞) of input and only a limited capacity for attention. I read that somewhere.

1. The story of how I found a fat lady laying on an air mattress in a sketchy back alley covered in lettuce. Because I like this story and I haven't told it in a long time. 

2. Click here for a bunch of free songs by the likes of Andrew Bird, the Civil Wars, Freelance Whales, General Ghost, Katie Herzig, etc. 

3. Click here for a list of the ten best coffee shops I've found in my city. {Less useful for those of you who live in, say, Scotland.}

4. Free shipping until Sunday in the Soc6 shop. Look! I've made more throw pillows! {They are a little tacky.}