Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{at my dining table}

I spend so much time at my dining table. Eating, yeah, but mostly crafting, doodling, working, making, thinking. It's right between two big sunny windows, the power cable for my laptop reaches the outlet from here, and it's just a solid place to put a lot of stuff. A baby elephant could hang out on that corner over there and I'd still be able to tap away on my laptop over here.
Photobucket Today, at my dining table, I'm working on Paper Umbrella stuff and listening to music, trying to get familiar with some new artists before I head off to Toronto next month for a music festival {MEDIA ACCREDITATION'D, BABY}. {{Sorry, I didn't mean to call you baby.}}

I still have to apply for band interviews and book flights and figure out schedules and stuff, and I don't remember what the deadlines are or even which days I'm going and it feels a little overwhelming at times, but then I'm like SUZY IT'S MUSIC SHUT UP and I feel better about everything. 

Music is not supposed to stress anyone out.