Thursday, February 07, 2013

{dare you to move}

I'm listening to CDs today. Isn't that so incredibly old school of me? I feel good about it. I have this old black CD binder full of music from grades 7-12, so it's quite a mix. Embarrassing, largely, but not entirely. I'm enjoying some Aaron Weiss and Cake and Jimmy Eat World. I'm remembering road trips and friends I haven't seen in ages and ridiculous, excessive, and unnecessary drama with those friends. It was like reality TV without the TV. You know: reality. Do they still have that?

Anyway. On one of my mix CDs, I came across the song that was supposed to be my class's grad song {SOMEONE switched the track at the last possible second and we walked out to Thank You For Being a Friend instead, which pretty much killed me}. The song was supposed to be Dare You to Move by Switchfoot.

It doesn't matter now, because graduation is overly hyped and no one remembers anything about it except the parts that were disappointing anyway. But it matters a little bit because of how much I hated that other song.

So, just in case you were wondering what I'm up to this afternoon until my piano students get here, I'm painting and singing along to this at the top of my lungs. And the windows are open and my neighbors hate me. Cheers, neighbors! Dare you to move.

Haha. Pun.
I Dare You to Move by Switchfuut on Grooveshark