Monday, February 18, 2013

{love letters}

Paper Umbrella {the adorable little stationary shop down the street that I've been working for, in case you've forgotten} had a little contest this February. They asked their customers to send in love letters {to any person/thing/place} to be displayed in the shop on Valentine's Day, and then from the entries they drew three winners to receive a prize from their store.

To announce the winners of the contest on their blog, I made this little video. And I wanted to share it with you, because I feel like I need to introduce you, somehow, to this family that I've been coming to know and love so much. Brad and Theresa are the owners of Paper Umbrella, and the little boy in the video is theirs.

He also happens to be a piano student of mine, and right at the beginning of the video when he has his hands behind his back, it's because he's hiding a picture of flowers that he painted for me. {!} I need to tell you about his last piano lesson too, which just happened to be on Valentine's Day, and which was one of the most precious moments of my entire life.

But the point, right now, is not that. The point is: here is a video I made. And: isn't this family just so dang cute?