Thursday, February 28, 2013

{wuss in love}

Photobucket Barclay had to go out of town for business stuff. Every time this happens, it's like I revert to being a 12 year-old. I walk around the house looking at stuff and wondering what I should do about it.

Piles of junk on that couch? Oh. I'll sit on this other couch.

Dishes in the sink? I don't know; I guess I just won't go in the kitchen anymore.

2 o'clock in the afternoon? Oh yeah, lunch. Spaghetti and butter, or a Pop Tart?

Actually, who needs food anyway? I'm going to listen to sad music, dye my hair, and lay on the floor, sighing. {I'm the Pavlov's dog of hair dyeing. Every time Barclay leaves town, I get out the hair dye.}Photobucket Photobucket He's coming home today, which is improving my mood exponentially. I'm even going to go do the dishes and vacuum the floors after I finish taking awkward selfies in the bathroom mirror. I should probably also mention that he's only been gone one night. What can I say? I'm an extreme wuss and I'm in love.

Also, I'm a mermaid. {Please help!} Photobucket