Tuesday, March 05, 2013

{monday, monday, monday}

If Cyndi Lauper were twin sisters born in 1980, she and herself would've written and performed Heartthrob exactly as is. But Cyndi Lauper was born in 1953 and wrote a bunch of other stuff, so Tegan and Sara had to do it instead. And I'm glad about it, by the way, because I think Tegan and Sara are tops. Even more tops than Cyndi Lauper.
 photo IMG_4458_zps5c6dc453.jpg  photo IMG_4462_zps0a815d96.jpg  photo IMG_4472_zps9ef1d91e.jpg  photo IMG_4470_zpsabc7fa07.jpg If you were to take my iPhone {but don't, please} and put the music on shuffle, I can almost guarantee that you'd hear one Tegan and Sara song for every three you listen to. They hooked me a long time ago with So Jealous and have since provided the soundtrack for a lot of sweet and sour moments in my wee history. Road trips and hang-outs and lazy mornings and late nights and early work commutes and laying-on-the-floor-cryings and all that. We're like best friends who know everything about each other and who have been there for each other through thick and thin but really, actually, we're also, like, complete strangers. Which is ok, I guess.
 photo IMG_4468_zps87b81a14.jpg  photo IMG_4469_zpsf804d06f.jpg Anyway. All that to say that when the amazing and fantastic and wonderful and best Ashley Kelly called me last Friday and told me she'd bought tickets for me and her for Monday, Monday, Monday to see T&S in concert, I was beside myself. Like a twin sister.
 photo IMG_4464_zps24894141.jpg  photo IMG_4456_zps6cb8d465.jpg  photo IMG_4450_zpsfb5e8b46.jpg  photo IMG_4471_zps4dec83e0.jpg  photo IMG_4473_zps4a95370a.jpg On the very, very sad side, however, Hannah got storm-stayed in Moose Jaw with her ticket and a broken heartthrob and couldn't make it. So, Hannah, these are for you. I wish you could've been there. Next time, I will calm the storm and grow wings and fly to you and pluck you from your couch and take you to the show. The show was brilliant, by the way. After seeing them live, I became even more convinced that we'll all three be best friends one day. And Tegan will be all, "Suzy! Come to my birthday party!" and I'll be all, "Oh rats, I already promised Sara I'd go to her birthday party!" and they'll fight over me and name a CD after me.  photo DSCN0289_zpse4df6a9c.jpg  photo IMG_4457_zps0cae85ee.jpg