Tuesday, April 02, 2013


It's supposed to get up to -2 degrees C today and I'm excited out of my brains about it. I just have a project that is taking for-ev-er that I have to finish before I can go out and enjoy the sun and fresh air. In the meantime, I'm gulping down window sunlight and letting the anticipation of a good spring walk spur me on. (But procrastinating a little, too, by writing this post.)
 photo IMG_4894_zps54d9c915.jpg
I woke up yesterday and it was April. Did that happen to anyone else? I can't believe how fast this year is going already. And the snow on my front lawn is still taller than I am, which doesn't exactly scream, "SPRING!" to me. It's confusing, a little bit.

But April's going to be huge around here because the Junos are happening at the end of it and I'm going to be hanging a sweet media badge around my neck and trucking off to those. I also got invited to work with the host committee, running the social media sites and interviewing the nominees (Rush! Metric! Stars!) in the weeks leading up to the actual awards ceremony, which is terrifying and fun in much the same way as that theme park ride where you shoot straight up in the air and then free-fall 170 feet. I have no idea how I got here. I'm so entirely, completely under-qualified for this. I have a perpetual nervous gut-ache and butterflies. I love it.