Thursday, April 18, 2013

{JUNO Playlist & Ramblings}

I'm on my way to cover an afternoon Tenors show, but got distracted over my morning coffee by the long and fantastic list of JUNO nominees--so many sweet bands! So much buzz! Probably, partly, too much caffeine!

I'm getting increasingly excited for the weekend, even if I still feel a tiny bit terrified. There have been confirmation emails flying in right and left and last minute assignment and schedule changes and I'm running over to the Brandt Centre at some point this afternoon between piano lessons to pick up my media badge.

And! Jian Ghomeshi is in town! However, I promised everyone around me that my creepy aiport days are completely over. They are. I learned an important lesson last time, about how Jian Ghomeshi is just human and stuff and NO MORE STALKING FAMOUS PEOPLE AT AIRPORTS.

But then: Surprise! Got an email from my supervisor this week, and it turns out that one of my assignments this weekend is to go to the airport and tweet about famous people arriving. This is called irony, and I love it. I am so prepared for this job. Plus, I'll be wearing ID that says it's okay for me to be doing this. Which is something I need to remember for next time.

I'm working for three separate companies this weekend and have vastly different roles and levels of access with each, so I think that's going to be interesting. When I first heard the JUNOS were coming to town, I was like, "Neat. Get me some of that hype!" So I applied for a bunch of random jobs and media opportunities and volunteer positions, thinking that if I even got one, that'd be cool. And then I got all of them, and had to turn some down in the end. Three is enough.

Anyway. I'm going to go drink a gallon of water to ward off a looming cold and then head off to this Tenor thing (people keep gaping at me when I admit that I've never heard of them. Have you heard of them? Apparently even the queen has heard of them. I'm major out of the loop).

  JUNOS 2013 by suzy krause on Grooveshark