Wednesday, April 03, 2013

{the danks}

This was probably the funniest interview of the week. Not funny ha-ha, so much, but funny in that other way that things can be funny. Funny in the way that I'm glad it was Jared who was asking all the questions and all I had to do was hold the camera.

They're called The Danks and it's one guy who used to be in Two Hours Traffic (who you should also look up if you haven't heard of them) and a dude named Brohan who got kicked out of some other band. Throughout the whole interview, Alec banged on the wall behind him with his elbows and mumbled and looked exceedingly bored, and Brohan constantly looked as though he were posing for 80's metal band posters and maybe had a cold. They smiled exactly once each and liked to give mostly short, vague answers. I guess they didn't like Jared. (Sorry, Jared.)

That said, their music is sweet and I like them a lot.

You can download the first song in the video for free HERE.