Monday, April 15, 2013


It's the calm before the storm over here today.


It's the slightly frenetic and assiduous before the storm. 

I'm getting ready for the JUNOS; researching for interviews, emailing PR people, organizing schedules and meetings, making notes and shuffling papers and, every eight hours or so, laying flat on my back to count the ceiling tiles and eat pickles.

The one thing I haven't been doing is blogging. I've wanted to; I've missed it. And I've tried, even. I'd wake up in the morning and grab a coffee and open my laptop...but then I'd remember that email I had to send, or have to take off to a meeting, or just get fed up by the stack of dishes in the sink. 

And honestly, I felt weird writing/talking about what I've been up to. 2013 has been a little bit surreal so far, and a lot of fun, and I'm getting to meet so many interesting people and try so many new and random things that I never imagined I'd get to try, or even thought I'd want to try. Silly things, and little things, and scary things. I've hinted at some of them, mentioned some briefly, but others I've kept under my hat. IRL and on the blog. 

I guess I was scared you'd think I take myself too seriously when I'm just having fun and trying new things. I was scared you'd think the things I'm filling my days with are stupid and unimportant. I was scared you'd judge my motives or mistake my excitement for self-importance. I was scared you'd call me pretentious behind my back and tune me out when I talk, like I did to that one girl I sat with at a wedding reception last year who wouldn't quit talking about her blossoming acting/singing career. (That wasn't very nice of me.)

And so it was that I pretty well stopped blogging. Because my time has been taken almost entirely up by things that I didn't want to blog about.

But last night as I was eating pickles and counting ceiling tiles, I decided that it's okay for me to be excited about silly things, and to talk about them with my friends and to write about them on here. Because, for me anyway, the best part of any experience is the part afterward where you put everything into your own words and share it. And if people don't want to hear about it, then that's ok too. They're probably not the ones reading this anyway.

Anyway. For now, I need to go do things. 

Which I will tell you about later, if you promise not to call me names and tune me out.