Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{i've got nothing to do today but smile}

I got back from New York yesterday afternoon. I walked in the front door, ate a pear, had a shower, sat down on the couch, and fell asleep sitting up.
 photo 9CBE664C-0AAB-4B7C-9443-6C481499DB6C-487-0000005D9F25DB49_zps5962ec32.jpg I don't know how long I slept for, but when I woke up I thought I was in Grand Central Station sitting under the whispering arches (which I will tell you about later), talking to my sister as people stepped around us and hurried on. I could hear the hum of a million strangers and feel the cold wall against my back and I was suddenly concerned that my purse had been stolen while I'd been deep in conversation. I jerked my head to the right to see if it was still there and the movement melted the world around me as though it'd been a picture painted on an iced-over waterfall. Elise disappeared and the voices around me became the whirring of my refrigerator and the spinning blades of the little fan by the piano. A car rumbled by outside and I saw that Barclay had fallen asleep on the couch beside me.
 photo EB82F6DE-F321-4DE6-8A90-CA303D7F989D-487-0000005D988F19C9_zps3ab95105.jpg I'm still not fully caught up on sleep, but at least I know where I am now. (That's good.)

And where I am is home. Instead of 5000 skyscrapers outside my window, there is a quiet street lined with small houses, and a kid riding a bike up and down the block, and the occasional car. I'm still on the couch, resting my blisters and sorting through 746 pictures and video clips of neat-looking people and sky-high buildings and lazy moments in central park and new friends and lights and food and heights and bridges and buskers and graffiti and landmarks and all of that magical stuff that makes up the bones and nerves and skin of the great NYC. I have lots of stories to write down, but for now I'm going to vacuum the house and get settled back into real life.

It's like they say: be it ever so humble, there's no place like New York. Or something.
 photo E1E4E666-A450-4919-9ED3-7684E020E1A3-487-0000005D93C633A4_zpsbcfb56f8.jpg