Saturday, May 04, 2013

{new york city}

Earlier this year I was sitting in an airport watching planes come in with my friend Becky. We weren't there to pick anyone up or drop anyone off or go anywhere ourselves; we just felt antsy and jittery in our skin, like five year-olds trying to sit still through piano lessons.

I can't even pinpoint what it is about going to the airport when you feel like this, but it helps.

We got drinks and sat leaning back in our chairs with our feet up against the windows, talking about where we would go if we could go. I didn't even have to think about it, because I always always always pick New York.

It's like a place that doesn't exist in real life. I've seen all these movies and watched all these TV shows and heard all these songs about it; I know of its million fictitious residents (Kevin McAllister! Kramer! Phoebe! Spiderman!); I need to go there and confirm in my head that it's a real place and sit in Central Park and walk around Manhattan and take a taxi...somewhere. And then it'll be like I'm a part of the stories too.

Anyway. 2013 seems to be a year of dreams coming true, because I'm heading there on Monday. My little sister is performing off Broadway and the troupe is bringing me along to do hair and make-up and prop-finding and all that. I'm exhilarated out of my mind.

I know a lot of you have been to NYC: what are the things I need to do while I'm there? I'm very open to suggestions. Very very.

music for the new york state of mind by suzy krause on Grooveshark
{brilliant skyline sketch from here}