Friday, May 03, 2013

{redfoot - make it quick}

I got a really nice email last week from a band in New York called Redfoot, with a link to their new video and single. I'm on my seventh or eighth (or twelth or thirtysixth) spin through the track right now, and I'm just loving it. You should listen too, but I've found there's a very specific kind of way that you need to go about this, so read the following instructions carefully before pushing the play button:

1) Find a room with a lot of shadows, and a very little bit of bluish sunlight leaking in. Venetian blinds will accomplish the desired effect best, but if you don't have those, maybe you could just drape lace tablecloths over all of the windows.

2) Lay down, flat on your back, in the middle of the room--preferably in the wee patch of weak sunlight. Make sure your hair lays splayed out in all directions so that it looks like it's floating dramatically around your head. Pretend you're floating on your back on a river or an ocean or a kiddie pool. Something watery.

3) Start crying. Not ugly crying, though; three or four tears will be good. You should squeeze them out gently, one at a time, so that they slowly roll from the crease in the corner of your eye, making their way down your cheek to your chin and then mingling with the flowing locks of hair about your head. (You might have to tilt your head up slightly for this part. Obviously. Because of gravity.)

4) Okay. Now push play, and then quickly close your eyes again.

Pretty, hey? The tone on the guitar makes you think "summer", but then the muddy bits all over the place feel like winter. It confuses your brain just enough to make you wonder if you're dreaming, because dreams don't usually have fixed seasons either. I like that in a song. Songs shouldn't sound like reality; they should make you feel like the subject of a music video shot with Super 8 mm film. In my opinion.


The whole thing was kind of uncannily well-timed, since I'm headed down to New York on Monday. Dear Redfoot, are you playing any local shows next week? Let me know, and I'll be there, and I'll bring some friends. And when you play this song, you should make everyone in the venue lay down and cry. Because that really is just the best way to get the full effect.