Monday, May 27, 2013

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I like skyscrapers. I like that they're kind of big, glassy mountains, stretching up into the clouds so that you can't see the tops of them on a nice foggy day. I like walking around in among them, dropping my neck back to gawk at them. I like feeling small and hidden, like no one could find me even if they were looking.

New York, I've heard, has almost 6000 skyscrapers. Which meant that I could walk and walk and walk and never run out of them. Skyscrapers forever, both up and across.

On Wednesday afternoon, I finally got ahold of Emily, whose train had been delayed that morning and who hadn't received a single one of my texts at the time, and we decided to try meeting up again at a crowded Starbucks somewhere in the middle of Manhattan. When I checked the address she gave me on my map, I discovered that it was about four blocks from where I was at the time, so I left my group and headed off into the skyscrapers.
 photo 78DA8F1D-9E57-4A01-9471-8013029C5118-304-000000290534BD61_zps4cac2d7a.jpg  photo EB1DBD0B-3312-4F7C-BB65-90FAFFFF2E31-304-000000290CD7EF8A_zps3b662ed9.jpg  photo 8FA0416C-E884-4F4D-9B6D-B81B8C1C2028-304-000000291410929A_zpsa6ba4531.jpg  photo 4C5B68BC-5FEC-49D8-A688-68E50850152A-304-00000029198C1A10_zps37ee3865.jpg  photo EFEB0166-CF0C-4EF7-BDAC-E6509019F487-304-000000291F22DA87_zpsf891658d.jpg I arrived 20 minutes early, since I'd only had such a short walk to get there. I stood nervously by the window, holding a copy of the New York Times and feigning composure. I now realized I had more to worry about than if Emily turned out to be an axe murderer: what if she just straight-up hated me?

A rush of people entered the coffee shop, and I put my paper down. I tried to pat down my frizzy hair. I feel like some people tend to dislike you quicker if you look disheveled. Which is crazy unfortunate for me, most of the time.


A girl was walking toward me through the crowd, smiling. I noticed, with great relief, that she was not a middle-aged man brandishing a gun or a sword or anything like that. She was Emily. She had brown hair and a backpack and didn't have a trace of mean on her face. We were off to a very good start, especially if she was not adverse to frizzy hair and ripped pants.

We got coffees and sat and talked like we hadn't just met and it wasn't awkward, even a little. {And by that, I mean that she wasn't awkward, even a little. Awkward is finely written into my DNA and I can't seem to do anything about it.}

She had to go to class too soon, but before she left I asked her which direction I should go to see something beautiful. She pointed me westward and told me to walk straight, and so I did.  photo 88CB188E-E002-4573-8295-70E63D8933EB-304-000000292ADECBE8_zpsfa9f4a8a.jpg  photo 434410FE-C089-40C0-982B-6F8E625116E8-304-000000292F9425D3_zps3cba14b3.jpg  photo D0C03587-A0E9-4F6F-A1C6-3B2B1A6167BD-304-000000293B606290_zpsd1ba7396.jpg  photo 509BD62D-4ED4-47F8-A1A7-B20B1D88CE4C-304-0000002AC5EDE5F5_zpsf2b4c005.jpg  photo 009E0CB1-F1F5-4108-A1DB-F0A23180E4E2-304-0000002ACE48F85E_zps89d7f81f.jpg  photo 5551B630-8F16-43A7-BBBC-A21CE67319A9-304-0000002AD7ECBD9E_zps8b4d998a.jpg  photo 05BC7C92-B02D-43B9-9697-7675ECD35184-304-0000002ADDF2BBA3_zpsce5d03f5.jpg  photo D47B42E4-CF9B-4FF0-980B-B7EC9F4E9C74-304-0000002AE9EF6436_zps864adbc8.jpg  photo 1CAC390C-C6E9-40CB-AFFF-EA1753E436C6-304-0000002AE42311FB_zpse8548d03.jpg  photo E12DB97F-2E50-4A17-B42B-BEE8A4D1FF1A-304-0000002AEEFC78B1_zps36681687.jpg  photo 66ADF47A-C9C3-4E8C-B4B6-3D4CB8CC5C9F-304-0000002AF480A69A_zps706d13b9.jpg  photo 7A487928-8605-44C5-8AC4-8C3E7400A9D4-304-0000002AF93FCFD0_zps3650027d.jpg  photo 504FA9D5-4B72-4F64-A266-19277FF0E9F7-304-0000002AFD8A13DC_zps4d3e3a02.jpg  photo 44AB5E31-8845-4886-B747-9AA5D360F27E-304-0000002B0612662F_zps10d714a1.jpg  photo FCFC6C2D-4C1F-44DF-95F6-53DA8A1F607D-304-0000002B0ACF3F1A_zps367e3d3a.jpg  photo 33C207AC-FC3C-43CB-B9EB-5D74C2A1F515-304-0000002B19573BC7_zpsc37dd6ec.jpg  photo B42A492A-3898-4246-8216-AED48EED0CDB-304-0000002B0F1AB79B_zps045e69af.jpg  photo DF8093EF-31D6-4132-B0DD-E70699A39F67-304-0000002B1E8F9448_zps895463c4.jpg  photo B90C9C7A-06DA-41C9-853B-60F26236F633-304-0000002E02EA9DFA_zps7285aa86.jpg