Friday, June 21, 2013


It was my 26th birthday yesterday.

I'm in my late twenties! This is so weird!

I was saying to my mum-in-law yesterday: What if you only aged on your birthday? Like, what if every 365 days as you celebrated another year gone by you aged all at once--instead of gradually, a little every day? If you woke up, and looked in the mirror, and could see a year's worth of wear? And suddenly, you were {noticeably} a little achier, a little less metabolically quick, a little greyer, a little wiser, a little less flexible...?

She said, with a seriously pondering look on her face, "Hm. Yeah?" Because she's cute and British and would never say outright, "You're ridiculous and think about silly things." I like that about her.

Anyway. I was thinking about it because I was trying to think if I've changed that much since my 25th birthday and almost wish I could just see all the change all at once. It's just too strange to think that I'm constantly morphing into something else, every single second of every single day, without noticing it.

It's like I'm standing in one place watching trees fly by and thinking, "How is this happening? I'm not moving my feet!" And suddenly I'm somewhere else entirely and I'm disoriented and dizzy. But then I realize that nothing around me has changed at all--it was me. And my surroundings only look different because I've changed so much. And I can't do anything to slow it or stop it or reverse it. It's permanent! You can't go back!

I don't know. Birthdays are getting too Twilight Zone for me.