Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm about to walk down the street to Brad and Theresa's for brekkie. It's finally, finally, summer here and I've been taking full advantage of it: cheesecake ice cream in the park, long walks around the neighbourhood in the rain, little road trips here and there.

I've also been as busy as ever. I think if I'm not busy, my brain gets sad instead. So I stay busy.

I mean, it's not always grown-up, work-make-money-pay-the-mortgage busy {though there is a bit of that because, you know, responsibility}. Sometimes it's call-a-friend-up-for-coffee busy, or learn-a-new-song-on-the-piano busy. But it's busy, and the days are flying by like big old dragons.

Friendly ones, though.  photo 559AD1AA-3BCD-4D2B-A199-216E3C96B141-2988-0000015D13DD6154_zps4ffcf3b1.jpg  photo 1F561849-0908-4800-87BE-6DBC9C3715F8-2988-0000015D0B8C8997_zps752ad27a.jpg  photo C8915B52-965F-4AC3-AED6-6B7C6E4EDA16-2988-0000015D06993E3D_zps2f206b04.jpg  photo CA501DB1-8222-4DFD-BEB7-4F71201F0409-2988-0000015D01E90C34_zpseffb58ae.jpg  photo 3DB38C1F-0AE7-4C1C-818D-B79769C19F08-2988-0000015CFCF18411_zpsb4c8431f.jpg