Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{les mis}

Last week, the Conexus Arts Centre here in Regina invited Barclay and I to the opening night of Les Misérables. It's been ages since I last read the book, and I still haven't gotten around to seeing that new movie version of it yet. (In fact, I have to admit that the closest I've come is that Seinfeld episode where George gets Master of the House stuck in his head.) I guess I'm a little bit of a cultural schmoe.

Nevertheless, I jumped at the chance to see it live. Live theatre is one of those things; do you know what I mean? You're right there. Jean Valjean is right there. And Cosette, and Fantine, and Javert, and the orchestra. There's nothing between you except the bated breath of hundreds of other theatre-goers and concert hall air thick with music and emotion.

I had goosebumps right from the start of the thundering open number, and I cried straight through the next seven songs. It was just so beautiful and perfect and sad. Who was this Hugo guy, and why was he so sad? (I mean, seriously. The Hunchback of Notre Dame?) I wonder if he was, like, the Ben Gibbard of his time. People were probably all, "Oh, that Victor Hugo. He gets me."

But the point is not that.

The point is that the play opened last night, but it's playing every night at 8 pm through until Sunday with weekend matinees. You can get tickets here or at the Conexus Arts Centre box office. Let me know if you go and what you thought of it. 

PS: If you go, pay special attention to the set; Barclay and I couldn't get over it. It was inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo, and it was probably the most amazing one I've ever seen. 

Oh, that Victor Hugo.