Friday, July 19, 2013

{nature + technology}

 photo F338FBF4-ED23-4BE6-A7AD-AF0CD847019A-5045-0000028D28C3E0B1_zps2fe7bd0a.jpg I took my laptop out to the lake this morning, cracked the windows of the car and tuned into CBC. The Byrds' cover of Mr. Tambourine Man was playing. I put my feet up on the dash. I read. I ate an orange. I picked at my nail polish. I sent an email to a friend that I haven't heard from in a while.

I think it's funny how people seem to think nature and technology are so discordant with each other, because I really, really love the little junction where they meet. Taking a walk in the mountains with my headphones on, blogging in front of the lake, snapping a picture of a landscape so I can take it home with me in my purse.

You know?