Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{packing & a moving tip}

 photo FE85706C-DE94-46AC-8573-DCB878D7FF67-1893-000000E33FDB807F_zps0647f7f9.jpg Everything is mostly in boxes now. There's a movies box and a few books boxes and a shoes box and a fragile kitchen stuff box and even a box with my jewelry/knick-knack boxes in it. A boxes box. The walls are bare and the cupboards are empty and everything I own is piled around me in a big cardboard maze.
 photo 4A7BF08A-19EE-4329-9095-292056C4F681-1893-000000DF41AD9166_zpsaa6de811.jpg And I'm here, on the couch, dwarfed by these behemoth possession piles, stuffing my face full of blueberries and chocolate milk in a whole-hearted attempt to empty the refrigerator before moving day. I am fully equal to the task.  photo D4747533-52FF-4227-A17F-884A75C3C2FC-1893-000000DF3A9FA30A_zpsd788b386.jpg Everyone I talk to lately is giving me pats on the back and sighing their faces off and saying things like, "Oh, moving. Moving is the worst. You have to have a garage sale; you find all this junk that you didn't know you had, and then you have to go through it all and throw it away. You're like, 'Why did I keep this?' It's the biggest hassle."

But, like I said yesterday, we've had no room to accumulate that kind of stuff, so the packing process was pretty short and sweet. Box, label. Box, label. Box, label. Done. And tomorrow, we move.

If you have any last-minute tips for moving day, let me know!

PS: My ultimate moving tip: I used to change my addresses on bills and accounts  and to schedule disconnects and reconnects for all my services (power, internet, library card, driver's license, etc). It took about 15 minutes and it's all good to go without having to phone/visit every single place separately. MAGIC.