Friday, August 16, 2013

{settling in}

We're all settled in on the other side of Albert Street. Still no internet (I'm using my iPhone as a hotspot for now), and I miss the Village like crazy, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty at home here.

I have to say though: it's a very grown-up kind of house. It has a dishwasher and air conditioning. It has granite countertops. It has those kitchen drawers that go K-SHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh when you slam them. I've lived here two weeks, and all of a sudden I feel like I should be a forty-two year-old professional woman. I feel like I should make my bed every day, and bake cookies in the evening instead of going to shows, and wear high heels, and attend PTA meetings. I don't even know what PTA stands for. Parent. Teacher. Armadillo.

I know that's not it. But maybe? But it's not. I know.

I haven't really acted on any of these new urges (except the baking one; as you can tell by this palatable mound of cookies, crisps, granola bars and cheese bread on the counter beside me), and I think if I resist them long enough they'll go away. (The urges, not the baked goods. I'm going to eat the baked goods.)

Anyway. I'm looking forward to having you all over for a games night. In the move I dredged up some good ones--a Babysitter's Club board game, a Happy Days board game, and one called "Seek Physique" in which you could actually draw a card that makes you run around the house three times, or do 20 pushups. It's pretty gruelling. AKA fun.

Signing off now. Going to go make my bed and google PTA.