Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{the high line}

If I had a time machine, this is where I'd be right now. The morning of May 12, 2013. The High Line.  photo 4D7EE01A-14DF-4AC2-8C25-EB0443247CF8-400-000000452F65812B_zps5b9ca173.jpg It's a mile-long park built on an old elevated railroad track in lower west Manhattan. There's a breeze off the water and quirky buskers and artists and what is, I'll bet, the best pretzel cart in all of New York.  photo 9097560D-B011-4714-B6B2-4DC76F34F6DC-12536-000005E4469F5260_zps82050f8f.jpg  photo A82D1369-CEE6-4DAD-BB76-BE44333A659C-12536-000005E492AB1323_zps4a17f360.jpg Barclay and I were having one of those lazy mornings and we didn't know what to do with ourselves, so we got some coffees and wandered up through Chelsea and climbed some stairs and there we were. We sat on a bench looking out over the harbour and Barclay read to me while I stuffed a pretzel in my face (almost all at once because it was too delicious for breaths between bites).

These are the kinds of memories that I keep in the front of my head so I can sink into them at night when I'm having trouble sleeping. photo 3FA76B2A-4F10-4B4D-AA0A-6250F5BB6F6D-400-0000004545151F81_zps60c9f5ec.jpg  photo 9592D74C-A81F-4841-8BA9-A13BCED9B114-400-000000454F3E37CB_zpsf773e2e4.jpg  photo 96BD122E-61E3-46E4-B5A2-F8E2366C46A5-400-0000004556E20730_zps9eba0be6.jpg  photo 883D0754-3C02-4EA8-9E43-A6B13EF23A03-400-000000455B73093E_zps1b18ee91.jpg  photo 0249CD87-5217-4E85-B3F3-D10B5AD0E73D-400-000000455FC46A76_zps1421a220.jpg  photo 4CB0219F-1A25-44E2-9CCB-ADC95049E467-400-000000456E71F5DC_zps0b6537ee.jpg  photo 5F5860DD-00C7-4935-B022-AE88E699DB1B-400-0000004572F3D124_zps01d0f281.jpg  photo F44E63C3-45FB-48BB-AE3E-BA0E5290E2BE-400-000000457C822F99_zps5365ae63.jpg  photo 959F3A83-6789-4A32-8527-E5A717456EB0-400-0000004580E26D54_zps36687794.jpg  photo 84E61A5A-02C9-47F9-951E-AAC0DA5BD7F0-400-00000045854792C5_zpsc34209b7.jpg  photo DBEC493D-F3BD-4D8B-93FD-EDCDFD465AA6-400-000000458AFC1821_zps94e19df5.jpg