Monday, September 16, 2013

{sipping it slowly}

 photo E6F5C634-F5EA-4193-AF9A-45A7BD77BCC0-1458-000000B3444122A2_zps5fddda67.jpg  photo FA1454E9-E6FD-4BD0-89FD-DE9DAF9FF6FC-1458-000000B34A5C8306_zpsdaf3980b.jpg I've been soaking up the last few days of summer (which officially ends on Saturday--I looked it up) in my little city. Spending my time outside, walking around, keeping the windows open to let the breeze slip in, letting the sun hit my face even if it burns a little, sipping it slowly. Because once it's gone it's really gone, especially in Saskatchewan.  photo 0D8A035C-3AE0-4C21-92B1-F98742B0BF2A-1511-000000B943CBF957_zps2f66eaf2.jpg  photo 54D8B285-084B-4724-90CC-C3A5E793CBE3-1511-000000B94A1343E4_zps8efc7107.jpg The leaves in my backyard are starting to turn red in places. All my plants are dying or dead. Things are starting to fall back into some sort of routine. I start piano lessons up again tomorrow with six students right in a row, and I'm excited about it. The kids are sweet and I've missed them. I need more artwork for my fridge, you know? photo 3C0EBD3D-913D-4455-BCCA-0784FC82D4BB-1458-000000B35438C439_zps535a4a3e.jpg  photo 8B3262F1-F1CB-4C15-96BF-9B1623BF406B-1458-000000B3607AA617_zpse3f2a240.jpg Barclay and I got to sing together at a wedding this week; we dropped the ball and didn't even practise until the morning of, but I think it went ok (aside from me forgetting my lyrics cheat sheet at my seat and forgetting a bunch of words. I made some up and hopefully no one noticed). It's been ages since we've done music together. Add that to the list of Things to Make a Priority This Fall. Just before 'learn to make amazing cinnamon buns.'
 photo 9560CD5B-B63F-4F56-A62D-7C37ECFDCABB-1458-000000B409E3D864_zps73004643.jpg
 photo A8609A0F-9BE0-4DC3-B936-6449FF0C16C6-1511-000000BD5F227FA6_zpsb84a7bdd.jpg  photo 7EDFE096-908D-474F-8967-4114441F68CE-1511-000000BD6AC7C4D7_zpse2061538.jpg