Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{time tidal waves}

 photo 425A3255-57FF-48FB-A77A-D713F9F2A0EC-5262-000001CE919E172D_zps8bfc7098.jpg My head is going to spin off!

I'm not even sure if the whole 'time' thing is legitimate anymore. The concept of chronological order is a sham. I feel like all of the moments are melding together and crashing down like waves on rocks in oceans. And I'm sitting on those rocks (like a moron) getting absolutely drenched, and winded, and I only have time to dry off and catch a breath before the next one hits. I won't move though, because I don't want to miss this.

I'm about 23 weeks along now, and the moments in this last time tidal wave have been so sweet. We went to our second ultrasound a few weeks ago and found out that we're having a boy. I bought him a cardigan and some swimming trunks, even though he'll get here in the dead of Saskatchewan winter. He's started kicking Barclay's hand when he puts it on my belly, and we've given him a first name and a middle name and a hat. Sometimes I'll be cooking or drawing a picture or reading a book and he'll kick or squirm and I'll cry over it, because I still can't believe this is real. I've had dreams like this for ages.

Barclay wants to decorate the nursery with Rush posters.