Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I wasn't feeling top notch today, so I spent a big chunk of time refilling my cocoa cup, listening to music, doodling, and playing around on photoshop. My good friend Kiersten has decided to get back into blogging, so she asked me to doodle up a new page for her to drain her brain onto. The specifications were: coral, teal, burlap, chalkboards, and a hydrangea.  photo E128FFAC-13DB-41B3-9875-EE5570AF6EDF-26115-00000CEFBDBE0FA9_zps90c10891.jpg It's nice to be able to turn part of my brain off for a little while and concentrate only on symmetry and straight lines and shadows and textures and colours. At some point in the afternoon, the music ended and I left it off for a while so I could listen to just the scratch of my pen. That is such a great sound.  photo 0962CBCB-73DA-4DDD-91C1-E219C098B552-26115-00000CEFC1E0F1E8_zpsd479de34.jpg  photo 0C463F64-538A-4706-8962-7226171E15AF-26115-00000CEFB93404E0_zps2a63b6b2.jpg Anyway, to see her new blog, click on the screen shot below--and then keep an eye on that space. Kiersten promised me content ASAP.  photo Screenshot2013-09-10at65357PM_zps911d7def.png