Wednesday, September 04, 2013

{zithers and autoharps and schmaltz}

A friend of mine was asked by a friend of hers to pick out the music for her upcoming wedding. Which is kind of weird to me because that was pretty much the only decision I actually even cared about making for mine. I let one of the bridesmaids pick out the dresses, my mom picked roast beef for the supper, and I wore her wedding dress with the sleeves chopped off--it fit me, and it was a sweet dress even 25 years later--so even that decision was kind of a no-brainer. The main thing was that I got to pick the music for the ceremony.

(I mean, obviously, the main-est thing was that I got to pick the guy. And I did. And I picked Barclay. And every day I'm like, "SWEET. Good pick." Schmaltzy, I know.)

So anyway, this friend sent me a text the other day asking if I knew of any good wedding songs, and this is the first song I sent her because I just so happen to have been listening to it obsessively since last month sometime. I think the draw for me is the fact that it sounds like she's playing an autoharp through the whole thing, which makes me think of both of my sets of grandparents who kept autoharps under their chesterfields when I was a kid. I grew up thinking that all grandparents had autoharps under their chesterfields.

(I couldn't remember what the name of the instrument was, only what it looked like, so I googled "strummy old people instruments", and came up with a picture of a zither. And that's basically what an autoharp is, except it has chord bars and dampers.)