Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{back at it}

 photo 2CFCE018-7591-4D01-8DC5-5824E1B398B0-2231-0000014B4D611E35_zps7dbb748e.jpg
I'm settled in my office this morning with a scone and some music I haven't listened to in a while, working on my script for today's show. We started back up again for the fall a couple weeks ago, and it's fun. I've missed my mic and teleprompter.

I was happy to have the summer off though. Everything this year came to a stand-still about mid-June. The evenings became like big empty caves that I'd yell into without echo, because there was nothing for miles and miles to bounce my voice back. Sure, there was moving. Selling the house and buying a new one. There was morning sickness, lots of that. And as a result, there were countless hours of sleeping and eating crackers. There were doctor's appointments and little summer road trips and a wedding or two and friends. But nowhere I really had to be every week, nothing to prepare for, no students to teach. The whole summer is just a sun-bleached, foggy, sort-of memory.

I stopped writing because it felt like there was nothing to write about. I stopped doing anything even remotely creative because my brain went into Exist-And-That's-It mode. And after the craziness that was last spring, I absolutely loved it. I needed it. But now, I'm ready to have someplace to go and be and something to do there. Something to wake my brain and my fingers up and clear the pathways between them. Something to talk about when people ask what I've "been up to".

So, for today, it's nostalgic music and script-writing and taping my little music segment.