Thursday, October 10, 2013

{being a tourist}

 photo 75CE2CF2-A36D-4C2E-8A46-10469099E1AA-193-0000002429B884D0_zps76b7fa54.jpg We're going away on a little trip soon, and I'm so excited. Airplanes. Airplanes.

There is something so wonderful about being out of everyone's reach. Turning off your cell phone and not feeling bad about it.

Waking up to an empty schedule and a continental breakfast, even if it's only coffee and a muffin. Going or staying or both. Buying a book and finding a quiet place to read it. Window shopping, getting on a bus because it just looks like it's going somewhere nice, making up fake histories for the people who get on and off, putting your headphones in and creating a soundtrack for their stories.

Finding a venue and seeing whoever's playing because the cover charge is cheap. Walking around dodgy streets because you don't know better. Buying something little to remind you that you were here. Taking pictures of things that other people see every day and find boring. Being a tourist. I love it.