Thursday, November 14, 2013


 photo 14181945-674E-43CE-822E-AD963671BA9C-6421-0000040756812F61_zps5ca07b67.jpg I've been feeling reclusive lately. Like I could just spend all day alone, cleaning my house and doodling and listening to podcasts and reading and being, in general, just a little boring. Which is good, actually, because I have {lots of} {fun} work piling up in my inbox and the floor always needs sweeping and next week is going to be full of being exactly the opposite of introverted anyway.

So I spent a little bit of the morning with my pencil crayons and some weird, quiet Icelandic music. And it rained. And I'm happy.


  1. i'm feeling the same today. except i don't doodle. and for the first time in months, it rained too this morning here.

    1. rain always, ALWAYS puts me in a great mood. i love it.

  2. I'm with you on that, Suzy, rain makes me very happy. We didn't have any here yesterday so that part is good, in keeping the highways safe for driving.
    One of my favourite things is when it's overcast, I drive to work, and get inside and can see and hear the pitter-patter from my desk. I'll take my coffee, and sometimes just stand at one of our windows and watch for awhile. I find it cleansing and healing.

    - Court Bourt Willy Willy Wart


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