Thursday, November 28, 2013

{the blessed return of the tinsel tree}

 photo 0CE9CB66-C289-47F1-9BF6-21C416358C09_zpswcwybyfx.jpg One of my favourite nights of the year is the one where we drag the tree box out of the basement. We make hot drinks and something sweet and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the Boris Karloff one, not the Jim Carrey one) and hang ornaments and listen to the right kind of music. It's the coziest thing ever.  photo 12D9770B-5CEF-45D2-8808-F36EE422E0C6_zpspsy3dhcz.jpg  photo 86177B86-25D2-47BE-A6AC-5910074CD87A_zpser8f3wvr.jpg The little tinsel tree is on its fifth year, which is spectacular for something we bought at 92% off at Canadian Tire. I think it grows a little in magic and stature every year.  photo DSCN0504_zps0b37b3fa.jpg photo DSCN0510_zpsfeba5172.jpg  photo DSCN0523_zpscbf473a4.jpg However, it also seems to eat its ornaments every year during its basement hibernation, and so, every year, we have to buy and/or make new ones. And, every year, there is that age-old (five-year-old) dilemma: what do we put on the top? One year, it was a newspaper star, and one year we couldn't think of anything at all so we left it bare.

This year, after some festive hemming and hawing, and a quick inventory of what we had to work with, we twisted some wire around some other wire and made a big wire-y star. It suits our tacky space-age Charlie Brown Christmas tree and we are pleased as punch.  photo 12015705-FA48-4452-BEC5-63CC60775FFA_zpslgizxxd4.jpg  photo 6446BF4B-4A7B-44A9-8A08-8E1DB8F68BA0_zpsembywxwl.jpg  photo C54FFBF4-23E3-49B8-946C-EC1911B42821_zpszhfdzggk.jpg Now there is only the problem of how to get anything in life done when all I want to do is lay under the tree like a five year-old and eat chocolate. Too bad self-control isn't on sale at Canadian Tire for 92% off.  photo DSCN0540_zpsbf87d474.jpg