Thursday, January 16, 2014

{no such thing as a "good"bye}

 photo IMG_8245_zps80f133bc.jpg I just hate that things I like can't last forever. I was that kid in elementary school who couldn't let a good joke die, and I'd kill it trying to keep it alive. I'm the girl who cries in romantic comedies because I can't stop thinking about how one of these perfect people in this perfect relationship are going to die someday. I have a hard time throwing out vegetables that have just been in the fridge for too long.  photo IMG_8246_zpsc9fabcfb.jpg My friend, Becky, is the same way. We used to live in the same neck of the woods, and on the days we both had free we'd leave our respective houses at the same time and meet somewhere in the middle, on 13th Avenue. We'd visit the stationary shop, the chocolatier (for free samples), the used book store, and the dingy coffee place at the end of the street. It always made for a good couple of hours, because how can you go wrong with that exact combination of things?  photo IMG_8237_zpsc8051add.jpg In a completely tragic twist of fate, both the book store and the coffee shop announced this month that they're closing their doors. For-ev-er. So, yesterday afternoon, Becky and I went to pay our respects and say our goodbyes. It was like losing a good friend and having to empty out the crisper all in one morning. Farewell, Buy the Book and Roca Jack's. I miss you already, even though you're not officially closed until January 31.    photo IMG_8241_zps11e32e01.jpg