Monday, January 13, 2014


It's been almost six months now since we packed up and moved across town. It took all of one day for this new place to feel like home and we're happy campers here.

That said, there are still some boxes in the basement that need unpacking and organizing; I'm fairly certain that one of them contains most of my fridge magnets and some CDs I can't find anywhere else. I'll get around to it. Next year, probably. Fridge magnets are just not top priority.

There are walls, too, that need pictures, and corners that need filling and little projects that need doing. Nothing drastic, just the touches that make a house homier. I always thought that when I finished those things, I'd put some pictures up so that you could see where I live now. But then I remembered that in the last house I'd thought the same thing, and ended up not showing you the house until the day before we left it. Silly.

So I started taking a few pictures this morning, beginning with the office. It might look a little different in a few months, a year, five, but right now it looks almost exactly like this:
 photo IMG_8170_zps57dc3abe.jpg  photo IMG_8172_zps45aed391.jpg  photo IMG_8166_zpsbc78421a.jpg  photo IMG_8173_zps55750b9c.jpg  photo IMG_8175_zps565e9003.jpg  photo IMG_8177_zps4eb1259e.jpg It's been a little dream-come-true having a whole room just for putting all my creative stuff into. My paints and my pens and my computer and my scissors and my cameras and my books and my papers... Not stuffed into a closet in boxes, but organized on pegboard and on shelves and in filing cabinets.

Barclay built me that desk out of two filing cabinets and some wood, and it's big enough that we can both hang out and listen to music and act artsy at the same time, which is pretty great. We bought that gigantic hunk of pegboard at Rona for $20 and it has successfully eliminated my need for a messy junk drawer. I might be jinxing myself here, but I haven't lost the tape or my glasses in almost six months now. Magical, miraculous, marvellous pegboard.

There's even a nice big window with an apple-tree view, and when it rains I open it up and sit at my desk and draw or read or daydream. Not a lot sweeter than that.