Thursday, January 02, 2014

{the writing on the wall}

 photo 577781E0-3717-44E1-84C4-02AA8D412609_zpspxnbdz2y.jpg
One day, I was looking at a white wall in one of the rooms in our little house. It looked boring, which made me feel sorry for it. I thought I should maybe hang a picture on it. I thought it needed wallpaper. I thought, "What a massive canvas..." I thought, "I could draw on that." Because isn't that what wallpaper is, anyway? Letting someone else draw all over your walls?

So that was settled.

I waffled for a few months about what, exactly, to draw on the Boring Wall, until I finally settled on an idea from Mandi over at Vintage Revivals. I didn't know if Barclay would go for it, because I think his parents taught him not to draw on the walls when he was a kid, but to my sweet surprise he was right on board.

And so it was that we spent yesterday afternoon drawing on the Boring Wall, which now needs to be renamed. Because we're adults, but we can't afford designer wallpaper. We can, however, easily afford a $3 paint pen. 

I'll show you the finished product soon; I'm really, really loving it. (I almost got out of bed last night at 3 AM to go look at it, but then I fell back asleep.) 

Cheers to adulthood! To paint pens and to Mandi!