Tuesday, February 11, 2014

{what cold people do for fun}

 photo IMG_8734_zps9360f54e.jpg When Barclay got home from work yesterday, Becky and I had all the ice cream out of the freezer and were in the middle of a science experiment. Sort of. Like, the kind of science experiment second graders do.

(Not to negate the scientific prowess of eight year-olds.)

(The ice cream wasn't exactly part of the science experiment. The ice cream was just to make us happy.)

We were mixing watercolours and freezing them on sheets of paper on the back step to see if ice crystals would form in the paint. You know, like how they do on the windowpane, but in Technicolor. Because...well. Because why not? Because we're Canadian and we need to figure out some way to put this -30 weather to good use. Because I miss science class. Because what's funner than watching paint dry?
 photo IMG_8757_zps520e0377.jpg I can just see the thought bubble above your head right now.

Anyway. It sort of worked but mostly didn't, (as seen in exhibits a & b below) which is okay because we'll just try it again using a little less paint next time and a little more water and maybe heavier paper plus we'll leave it out there longer. And then the idea is to paint an actual picture and let the whole thing crystallize. Should be pretty, I think.
 photo DSCN1036_zps2d1bd171.jpg  photo DSCN1035_zps138c4832.jpg And when we've perfected the art of watercolour crystal-making...maybe we'll have to move on to something more third-grade. Like magic ink.


  1. i never into science in school, but you make this sounds really fun. (with ice cream involvement, i mean what's not fun?)

  2. Replies
    1. i can't take credit for the idea--that was becky. she always has good ideas.

  3. You are the coolest human being.

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    1. i reeeealllly hope our next attempt works out. it could be pretty sweet. :)

  5. I love that you guys are outside in -30 degree weather without jackets, mitts or toques!

    1. oh man. it was pretty cold. but our jackets were at the front door...so. effort, you know?

  6. What hot people do for fun: {Growing up in Arizona edition} we put our crayon shavings on white pieces of paper and waited for them to melt into fabulous art. We put ice cubes on our trampoline and tried cooking and egg on the ground (It cooked a little, but enough for eating).

  7. ahhhh this makes me homesick (seasonsick?) for summer!!!


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