Monday, March 24, 2014

{new york street art gallery}

I've been taking lots of walks downtown lately. Spring is actually happening now, and as the temperature inches upward I'm getting antsier and antsier to be out in it. In the colder months, I'm completely content to hibernate. I open the blinds and let the pale white winter light seep into the room like smoke. I sit in it, and I like it.

But if the sun is out, then I am too. And my favourite place "out" is downtown. Any downtown. Vancouver, LA, Edinburgh, Toronto, New York, London, Miami, Regina...

Regina happens to be the city centre I frequent most often these days--on account of living here and everything. It's Lilliputian. A few slight "skyscrapers", some traffic lights, a mall, a park, some restaurants. I like it though. It's big enough to make me feel small. It's city enough to attract some crazy people. It's small enough to make me feel big.

Anyway: I've been taking lots of walks downtown lately.

The other day, on one of these outings, I passed some graffiti on the side of  an office building that reminded me of a folder of pictures I have on my computer from my trip to New York last spring. I find that having some sort of malleable mission is the best way to explore a new place, so I'd taken my camera and gone out on my own one day specifically in search of interesting art on the streets. New York is home to a crazy lot of world class museums and galleries, but that day I decided that I wanted to be the curator of my own little art gallery.

(Don't you wish your city was this colourful?)