Friday, May 30, 2014

{snack quest 2014}

I'm as meticulous and persnickety in my search for the perfect snack as I am in my search for the perfect dayplanner, or the perfect pair of jeans, or the perfect couch. There are a lot of couches that are the right color but not the right, you know, cush, a lot of dayplanners that are the right size but not the right layout, a lot of jeans that are the right length but not the right wash. 

Don't even get me started on snacks.

I've started.

My dream snack:
- Is crunchy (but a little bit smooth).
- Is sweet (but not too sweet).
- Is nutritious (so I can eat a lot with no guilt). (But a little bit sugary and bad (because for some reason that makes it taste better). Just a little bit.)
- Involves chocolate.
- Is something I can pick at mindlessly while I'm reading or writing or drawing.
- Is cheap.
- Is ready right now.

So anyway, I've found it. Barclay thought it up out of his beautiful brown brain. It's sort of a modified version of puppy chow but it's healthier and faster and requires half the ingredients so I'm attributing it to him and hereby naming it: Frosty Poops. I literally can't think of a better name. I'm sleep deprived and when I look at these things all I can think to call them is Frosty Poops. They just look like frosty poops.

That's too bad.


You melt a [big, huge] tablespoon of peanut butter in a bowl in the microwave. You stir in a [wee] teaspoon of cocoa. You dump in a handful of almonds and stir. You dump icing sugar in and stir so it coats the chocolatey almonds. See? Frosty poops.

But I could eat them all day long. They fulfill every snacking requirement I've ever had. Besides the aesthetic ones, obviously. Oh well.

Frosty poops all day every day.


  1. Oh goodness! Saw this and immediately made myself some frosty poops! Amazing! New favorite snack!!

  2. Oh goodness! Saw this and immediately made myself some frosty poops! Amazing! New favorite snack!!

  3. I think I might go work on making myself sick on these. Because these look like they will make me happy.

  4. Hey! These are excellent and my family especially loves the name ;) nice work!

  5. Hey! These are excellent and my family really appreciates the name ;) will be making lots of these. Nice work!

  6. This reminds me of puppy chow - have you tried that? Its basically this same recipe but instead of almonds you use Crispix Cereal.. its good!

    1. mmmm i used to make myself sick on puppy chow... my recipe had butter and chocolate chips and vanilla and stuff in it though, so i don't pig out on it as much anymore. siiiiigh. so good though.
      it's, really, all about the powdered sugar.


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