Thursday, May 22, 2014

{things that I have learned lately and a picture of some dinosaurs I found by my house}

1. You don't have to clean the bathroom all at once. You can clean the sink now, if you have a second, and you can clean the tub (or even just half of the tub) after supper if you want. You can wash the floor tomorrow and scrub the toilet right before you hop in the shower on Saturday. You can just cycle through like that, five minutes here and five minutes there, doing a really good job of a very little bit at a time, once or twice a day. If you do it like this it'll feel like you never clean the bathroom, but somehow the bathroom will always be clean.

2. Write stuff down. Stuff you need to do. Stuff you don't want to forget. Stuff you think is funny. Write in journals and on your blog and on sticky notes and on the back of your hand. You're always saying, "I'll have to remember that," but you're never remembering any of the things you're saying that about.

3. You don't have to be so offended all the time. Everybody says stupid things because nobody has experienced everything and even if they have experienced something, they haven't necessarily experienced it from your physical/emotional vantage point. It's good to calm down and stop looking for things to get worked up over.

4. Instagram can actually be a pretty helpful self-monitoring tool. Go to your profile page and scroll down. If the pictures are all of the same thing, person, or place, maybe you could try something/hang out with someone/go somewhere new. If you can't go somewhere different, maybe try noticing something different about where you are. Try to take a completely different picture every day for a week. It's not like it's wrong for you to post a million pictures of your living room; I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that this is a pretty simple way to see if you're in a rut or not, and a fun way to try to climb out of it if you are.

5. Drink more water. Eat more chocolate. I mean cake. I mean spinach.