Monday, July 21, 2014

{the speed of time}

The most overused phrase of all time would probably have to be, "This _______ has gone by so fast!"

This summer. This month. This year. This weekend. This whatever.

I mean, I say it all the time too. Just yesterday I realized that summer was about half over and I said it. This summer has gone by so fast. Faster than any other summer. I know I said the same thing about last summer too, but this summer--way faster.

But I guess this is just the speed that time is. Kind of a weird elastic speed which feels fast when you're in a moment but stretches the memories out behind you in kind of a deceptive way which makes you think that the past went by at a much slower pace. Like a chronological Doppler effect. It's comforting to think about, actually. That time isn't just getting faster and faster and faster every day until the minutes crash into one another like some kind of thousand-car pile-up.


This weekend, we tried to get out of time (and town) for a day by going to the lake with Barclay's family. There's something about a big body of water that seems to slow time down. And though that might also be an illusion, I wholeheartedly buy in and let it fool me completely.