Thursday, August 07, 2014

{tea for two}

I got asked to, and I'm quoting here, "doodle on a teapot" for a charity auction on Sunday. I said yes, because I haven't had a strange assignment like that in a good long while and it sounded like fun.

I got the teapot and matching cups and saucers and some sharpies a few weeks ago, and then I set them on my desk and left them there. I was dumbfounded by them. They were white and smooth and fragile, and I was afraid to even pick them up, let alone color on them with markers. I know that it's a thing that people are doing these days--coloring on mugs or whatever and then baking them in the oven so that the artwork is permanent--but I hadn't counted on how intimidating the first bold black line would be.

And besides that, what's a person supposed to draw on a tea set? Something dainty, right? Tea is for dainty people. Refined people. People with polished English accents and high heels. You can't draw a garbage truck on a tea set.

In the end, I was inspired by a tree I saw in the park, which was covered in doilies. When I saw it I thought, "DOILIES. Duh."

Doilies are the daintiest.

So that's what I went with, and here (da da-da daaaaa) is the finished product. It only took me a couple of hours to actually do (after a million hours of deliberating), and I completed it while watching Rad, which is a movie from 1986 about BMX biking starring none other than Lori Loughlin (who you know as Aunt Becky from Full House) as a pro biker. (None of that information is very important, I guess.)

I'm super nervous to hand it over, as I always am with things like this, but I'm also pretty happy with how it turned out.