Thursday, October 23, 2014

{art duet}

Barclay and I were walking around the lake the other day brainstorming date ideas that don't involve lots of money or leaving the house after Sullivan's bedtime or watching too many episodes in a row of Chopped. Gone are the days of, you know, impromptu private jet plane trips to Chicago for dinner and dancing (that's never actually happened). It's kind of tricky criteria, but tricky criteria is good for you, I think.

The first thing on our list was to try and paint a picture together.

It's maybe a little easier said than done. We both like to draw and paint, but stylistically we're very different. We didn't necessarily want it to look like two different people had painted it. So we decided to divide the canvas up into squares, as opposed to dividing it into two halves, and fill them in randomly. It could look cool, right? Imperfect, but on purpose? Or it could look dumb and we could have a little bonfire instead? (It's a date either way.)

There's this picture from the cover of Tolkien's The Hobbit that Barclay really likes, of Smaug flying over the mountains, so we picked that for our first collaborative effort. We put on some Vinyl Cafe and made some snacks and hunkered down over the canvas, frequently getting up to switch sides or move out of each others' way. 

This is just a progress report - it's not finished yet, but I'm pretty pumped about how it's turning out (we probably have one more date's worth of work).


  1. Nice work guys.

  2. You two are too cool!! And that's a great idea...would never work for Craig and I, but perhaps I could use the idea for something that we both like to - we could each reach half of one book?, play board games - play half the game? I don't think it's going to work for us. Let me know your other date night ideas, maybe we'll have success with one of them! ;)

    1. Well our next one on the list is to teach each other a song on our respective musical instruments?

  3. Best date ever. I wish I could get Ryan to do something like this with me! :)

  4. Now THAT would be awesome! Craig's would be on the pen lid and mine would be with the three chords I know on the guitar! Sign us up! :)

  5. Please do. And blog about it too. ;)


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