Monday, October 20, 2014

{video scrapbook: new york 2013}

Tip: For some reason, on my computer, I have to click on the little gear on the bottom right hand corner and turn up the quality...So if it's unbearably blurry, try that?

I finally sat down and finished my New York video scrapbook. I meant to do it a year and a half ago, but there were always a million other things to do instead. Because that is how life goes.

This video is made up of at least a tiny bit of almost every single one of the video clips from my trip to New York last year - about forty grainy minutes of point-and-shoot holiday film footage with crappy audio condensed down to five. I don't know that it's much more palatable as a five minute montage, but it sure takes up a lot less space on my computer hard drive and is so much easier to access when the nostalgia hits me (which is, after all, the point of the whole video scrapbook thing). 

It's not even close to covering all that went on, but the rest of the trip has been adequately recorded on this blog - everything from getting my jacket stolen in Central Park to the night we spent busking under the arch in Washington Park. You can read that stuff by clicking here.

I remain, unapologetically, in love with that city.

PS: the song in the video is "Ghosts" by ON AN ON.