Wednesday, November 05, 2014

{halloween 2014}

So Halloween happened, as it does.

Did you know how expensive baby costumes are? I almost slapped someone when they admitted to spending upwards of $70 for a fuzzy glorified sleeper with cat ears.

I think I actually felt my wallet cringe.

And I guess it's never been a holiday that I've been that 'into'. (As a kid, I lived in a small town and even the years that I didn't go out trick-or-treating, the neighbours sent "my candy" home with my little sister. That quickly became one of my favourite traditions.) But this year, Karlie was taking her little girl trick-or-treating at the mall and invited me along, so I figured I'd dress Sullivan up too. I had a hat with antlers lying around (don't we all, though?) so I stuck it on his head, coloured his nose brown (while he tried to eat my eyeliner pencil), and he was a deer. I added a little plaid sweatshirt, like the kind hunters wear. For irony. Like, "Oh, he's a deer and he's a hunter!"

But everyone was like, "Oh, cute! He's a little...lumberjack deer?"

"Yeah. That's what he is. A lumberjack deer."

After the mall, we went trick-or-treating at Barclay's office, where he scored a KitKat bar and a box of Smarties. Both of which I pried out of his hands and ate. Don't worry though, I took him to see the office fish to make him stop crying. He loves the office fish.

Barclay's sister came to town that night, so we went over to the Krause house and partied with the cousins. Man alive, there are a lot of them now (not all pictured here). The little Charlie Brown (whose name in real life is also Charlie) is the newest one - born just a couple weeks ago.

I kind of want him to wear his deer hat every day.