Wednesday, December 17, 2014

{tinsel tree: year 6}

Last week we put our tree up - the little silver one made of tinsel. I was so happy about it; it really doesn't feel like the holidays until you're completely blinded by your radioactive Christmas tree every time you walk into the living room. Right?

We did the usual - I baked brown sugar cookies and Barclay made drinks and we listened to Christmas music. Sullivan grinched it up big time and slept through the whole thing, which was probably good since he would've just wanted to eat everything anyway.

But listen: I have to tell you about the drinks that Barclay made. I owe it to you for that time I made you sit and listen to a whole bunch of boring stories about my life. They were mint chocolate mochas and they were exactly the right amount of everything and tasted like the kind you'd get at a pretentious hipster coffee shop. Minus the weird syrup-y aftertaste. I'll give it to you in point form, because that's the least awkward way to share a recipe.

Mint Chocolate Mochas
1. Warm 1 cup of milk in a saucepan at medium heat until it starts to bubble.
2. Add a quarter cup of semi-sweet mint chocolate chips, and a quarter cup of milk chocolate chips and stir it up.
3. Pour it into mugs (it's enough to fill two mugs about halfway full).
4. Add coffee to fill the mugs up the rest of the way.

When we'd finished putting the tree up, we settled in with our cookies and mochas and watched The Snowman, the version with David Bowie in it.

And the tree lit up the entire night sky clear over to Russia.