Monday, January 05, 2015

{popping sugar cookies}

So. I was making sugar cookies the other day and when I opened the pantry to grab some food colouring (for the icing) out fell a pixy stix. A thought: wouldn't pixy stix-flavoured icing be just that much better than regular old icing? Another thought (because sometimes I have two in a row): Didn't I have some Pop Rocks in here somewhere too...?

Anyway, I was really excited about the prospect of popping sugar cookies. I thought you might be too, since it's just the right combination of nostalgia, sugar, and novelty. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by doing up a recipe card about it, just throw together some icing sugar, a bit of butter and some milk, then add the pop rocks at the very, very, very end (since the longer you mix them around in liquid, the more pops you waste). Save some to sprinkle on top too.

I'm eating one as I write this. It's kind of weird.